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Fire Pits

Available in different shapes, sizes and finishes, you’re guaranteed to make memories around any of our fire pits

Fire Tables

More than accents, our versatile fire tables provide a warm and welcoming destination whilst making entertaining easy.

'Gin' Fire Tables

The fabulous NEW GIN range. A great new dining fire table, all the way down to the Gin Low. A table for every occasion.

Designer Fires

Freestanding, portable peices of stylish modern fire furniture which can be utilised anywhere in just moments.

EcoSmart Gin 90 Low Teak

Teak Fire Tables

Gorgeous new Teak models. Available in this Gin table design, as well as other our  other fire tables.

NEW Nova Fire Pit

The latest fire pit from EcoSmart, the NOVA. A stunning modern bioethanol fire pit for ecological flames.

Fireplace Grates

Transform your solid fuel fireplace with a versatile and durable, eco-friendly bioethanol fireplace grate.

Ethanol Burners

The core of our fireplaces offering the ultimate in design flexibility. You can even convert your existing grate to bio.

Flex Fireplaces

The Flex Fireplace Series ensures your next commercial project or renovation includes a stunning and captivating fire feature.

Curved Fireplaces

Uniquely curved, this beautfiul bioethonal fuelled fire feature celverly improves upon the traditional fireplace.

Fire Pit Kits

Available in different shapes, sizes and finishes, you’re guaranteed to make memories around any of our fire pits

e-NRG Bioethanol Fuel

Bioethanol Fuel

Made from fermented plant material, the e-NRG bioethanol fuel is the purest available for an odour free flame.

Electric Fires

Electric fires that are cost-effective and with zero emissions. Does not require gas, a flue/chimney or any venting. Installation can be directly into a wooden frame construction.

Heatscope Pure Outdoor Heater

Infrared Heaters

High-quality and stylish infrared heaters for efficient heating of your outdoor spaces.

Premium Fireplaces

Our diverse collection of premium fireplace inserts are ideal for creating stunning walls or cabinetry features.


Specially designed to enhance the safety of bioethanol fireplaces. Recommended for spaces with children.

Go DARK – All Bioethanol fires available with a black burner!

EcoSmart Martini 50

Ceramic Black

EcoSmart Martini 50 Fire Table with Ceramic Black EcoSmart AB8 burner

EcoSmart POD 30

Ceramic Black

EcoSmart Martini 50 Fire Table with Ceramic Black EcoSmart AB8 burner

EcoSmart STIX

Ceramic Black

EcoSmart Martini 50 Fire Table with Ceramic Black EcoSmart AB8 burner

EcoSmart Ghost

Ceramic Black

EcoSmart Martini 50 Fire Table with Ceramic Black EcoSmart AB8 burner

EcoSmart NOVA

NEW Fire Pit

EcoSmart Nova 850 in Graphite

Bio Fires Online | Bioethanol Fire Specialists

Bio Fires Online is a leading specialist in the supply and support of bioethanol fires. Partnered only with leading brands, we have combined our expertise with amazing products to deliver the best experience possible. Our desire to always do the very best that we can was the trigger to create a business that truly delivered what clients wanted and, more importantly, what our clients needed. We are here to assist you achieve something special with a bioethanol fire, and our experience of gas fires allows us to guide you through the process of swapping to bioethanol. For those looking for a bioethanol fire for the first time, you will find that we thrive on helping our clients achieve the look and feel that they desire by listening and explaining where needed. Our in-house team are able to provide drawings where required as well as project management and support for the larger, more complex projects. 

Bioethanol or bio fires are sometimes referred to as ‘gel’ fires and they burn a liquid fuel that is derived from plants Bioethanol fires burn a liquid fuel that is derived from fermenting the sugars from plants, so is therefore a sustainable and eco-friendly investment. Due to the way in which is burns cleanly, there is no requirement for a flue so they can be used in almost any home or garden. Additionally, there is no smoke, soot or ash, no need for a Gas Engineer to fit it and the fires can even be wiped clean. The fabulous range includes fire pits, fire tables, portable fires and hanging fires. As well as the green credentials, the flexibility of a bioethanol fire attracts our clients, as bio fires do not require flues. They have a great, natural-looking flame which has a mesmerising beauty.


Fireplace Consultancy | Fireplace Design

At Bio Fires Online, we more than just an online store. We provide a FULL service to our clients. Yes, we provide industry-leading products at great prices, but we also provide consultancy for those larger, or slightly more complex projects. We also provide a DESIGN service for clients that need their drawings checked, amended, or even created. It’s all about the client experience for us. We always strive to build long-lasting relationships that work for our clients off into the future. Giving them peace of mind that their project is in safe hands. Not that bioethanol fires require a gas engineer to install them, but should installation be required, we also provide that too. This includes demonstrating how to use the fires. It is all about ensuring our customers are happy and of course safe.


Flueless Fires | Clean Burn Bioethanol

These are are normally the deciding factors. So to the fact that these fires are clean burning, there is no combustion gas to deal with, which therefore means that a flue is not required. If ever you have had a conventional fire and flue, you will know that the flue is open to the outside at all times, and allows heat to escape out of your chimney. Even when a gas fire is on, it is only 80% efficient, as most of the heat disappears up the flue along with the harmful combustion gases. As a bio fire doesn’t require a flue, it also does not require any additional combustion air. Therefore eliminating the requirement for any vents into the room to replenish the combusted oxygen. Also, due to the simple nature of the way that bio fires work, there is no requirement for servicing, jus the odd wipe down now and again. This eliminates the requirement for a Gas Safe engineer to install the appliance, or service it annually. With a manual bioethanol fire, all you need to do is create the aperture in which the fire sits. If your design requires it, we can provide you with fires that are installed already in a firebox to create that exquisite look.

Please see below our main fire types, where you can click through to see further information, including installation pictures. Alternatively, you can can give us a call on 0207 788 4777, or e-mail us at

We are here to help in any way that you need us. This includes aiding with design and project management, as well as recommendations regarding styles and sizes, or even just answer any questions that you may have about the products.


Call 0207 788 477 for details

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At Bio Fires Online, we have a history of working closely with Architects, Interior Designers and Construction companies. Our customer service is unrivalled, as we have a focus on ensuring our customer’s expectations are met at all times. We achieve this through strong project management and clear communication.

Read more, or


0207 788 4777

and speak to one of our experts to see how we can help.

Indoor fire – Outdoor Fire

Bio fires can be located inside or outside and can be moved readily without the need for a gas engineer. There are many models which are even mobile/portable so they are designed to be moved around. Note: They are not to be moved whilst alight, or hot.

Our range of bio fires has been chosen for their build quality and the materials from which they are manufactured. Predominantly constructed of 304 marine grade stainless steel, they are designed to last, even when out in the elements. Not all fires are made equally! We are very proud of the manufacture of ours. This also includes the way in which the flame performs, not just the duration (as burn time is always important) but also how it looks. In our opinion, we have the best flame in the bio market.

Bioethanol fires can be installed ANYWHERE!

Indoors, or out. A bioethanol fire is a beautiful addition to any space. Fire Tables and Fire Pits are often used in an outdoor setting, but our products are constructed with 304 marine grade stainless steel, and can therefore be used anywhere.

Manual Bioethanol Fires


EcoSmart AB3 Bioethanol Burner Black


EcoSmart AB3 bioethanol burner in a wooden coffee table


EcoSmart AB3 bioethanol burner in a wooden coffee table


EcoSmart AB3 bioethanol burner in a wooden coffee table


EcoSmart AB3 bioethanol burner in a wooden coffee table


Designer Fires


EcoSmart 800SS


EcoSmart 800SS


EcoSmart 800SS


EcoSmart 800SS


EcoSmart 800SS


EcoSmart R530 Fire Screen
Automatic & Remote Control Fires


Planika Basket Fire Logs


Planika Basket Fire Logs


Planika Basket Fire Logs


Planika Basket Fire Logs


Glamm Fire Exdoxus
Other Fire Types & Heaters


EcoSmart EL40


Heatscope Vision 3200W

How it works

EcoSmart 800SS

Bioethanol Safety

EcoSmart 800SS

Order Fuel

e-NRG Bioethanol Fuel
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EcoSmart AB8 Bioethanol Burner


EcoSmart STIX Portable Bioethanol Fire Pit

Bioethanol Fire Pits

EcoSmart Pod 40 Bioethanol Fire Pit

Bioethanol Fire Tables

EcoSmart Wharf 65 Teak


EcoSmart Grate 30 Bioethanol Fire


EcoSmart Igloo Bioethanol Fireplace


EcoSmart 1100CV Curved Bioethanol Fireplace


Planika Remote Control
Indoor Fires
EcoSmart VB2
Flex Fireplaces
EcoSmart Flex 18 Bay Bioethanol Fireplace Insert
Outdoor Fires
EcoSmart Nova 850 Natural


EcoSmart Linear 50 Bioethanol Fire Pit Kit

Hole In the Wall

EcoSmart Flex 50 Bioethanol Insert Fireplace

Premium Inserts

EcoSmart Firebox 800 Premium Bioethanol Fireplace

Electric Fireplaces

EcoSmart EL40 Electric Fireplace

Outdoor Heaters

Heatscope Pure Outdoor Heater


e-NRG bottle adaptor and nozzle

Bioethanol Fuel

e-NRG Bioethanol Fuel