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EcoSmart is recognised as being the global market leader for bioethanol fires. They have achieved this through clever innovation and a reputation for providing what is the best quality products in the bioethanol industry. The best thing that they produce though is the most incredible flame in the market.

The BEST BIOethanol flames in the market

The EcoSmart flame has to be viewed. It is our opinion that it is the best available bioethanol flame available in the market at the moment. Due to some very clever design and engineering, EcoSmart fires are able to burn the bioethanol directly in a way that creates the most majestic flames. They dance and move like no other fires in the bioethanol market. The flames produced by an EcoSmart burner leap and dance in a way that is even more relaxing than having a solid fuel fire. People look at us with a puzzled look when we explain that the flames produced are less manic, and have a certain poise about them. Everyone has their own perception of what. flame is, and therefore trying to explain that it is different is always hard to do. Pictures are meant to say a thousand words, but when it comes to photographing flames, that just isn’t the case. A single frame will very rarely catch the essence of a beautiful flame at its best. However, once we have sent a video, the response is almost always the same… “We see what you mean now! Aren’t they great.”

With EcoSmart’s relentless approach to safety and R & D, they remain at the forefront of innovation and they continue to set the benchmark for design, originality, safety & sustainability with 170,000 installations globally, and that just includes fireplace installations. This vast number does not include any of the fire tables, fire pits and other bioethanol products that they produce. They really are a world leader when it comes to bioethanol burners.

How it all started

What started as a spark of an idea was turned into a reality by the MAD Design Group which launched its multi-award-winning EcoSmart Fire brand in 2004.

With representation now in over 75 countries, MAD’s passionate drive behind EcoSmart Fire not only saw the brand positioned as the pioneers of the global bioethanol fireplace industry but also keeps it at the forefront of innovation as it continues to set benchmarks in design, originality, safety and sustainability.

EcoSmart has been the fire solution of choice for many leading hospitality, commercial & residential properties, both indoor & outdoor & is distributed in more than 75 countries.

As a brand, EcoSmart is by far the best that Bio Fires Online has had the pleasure of working with. Their professionalism is unsurpassed in the fireplace arena in general, let alone the specialist bioethanol fires space. They provide clear and concise information and marketing materials, which are matched by the quality of their products. They have a passion for manufacturing products that excel in their quality and design, and this includes their focus on safety. Complying with BS EN 16647 has been a real focus for them, and they are by far ahead when it comes to measures that meet this standard. Despite their burners being manufactured from a single pressed section of stainless steel, they still provide Top Trays to create that additional second skin to catch any spillages during refuelling for fires used inside.

The bioethanol fire accessories always amaze our clients with their quality too. Most manufacturers don’t provide you with lighters, but the one included with your EcoSmart Fire purchase is a fabulous and stylish heavy lighter that is constructed from stainless steel. In addition, another quality stainless steel item included is the Lighting Rod. An extendable rod that you use to light the fire. You simply dunk the end into the fuel and then light it before offering this to the fire. This allows you to light the bioethanol fire without getting too close, or even needing to bend down. Also included is a specially designed Fuelling Nozzle. This clever device allows you to refuel your bioethanol fire without any mess. It is a comfortable unit that has a flame arrester built into it to provide an extra level of safety. NOTE: A bioethanol fire of any nature, no matter who the manufacturer should NOT be refilled whilst hot! The flame arrester is purely an additional safety feature. The Fuelling Nozzle is also designed to fuel quickly and aerates the bottle to avoid glugging and splashes. When the fuel reaches the nozzle, it automatically shuts off due to its clever design. NOTE: Do not repress the fuelling button once released, otherwise the fuel will overflow.

Existing EcoSmart Clients

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EcoSmart Fire fires and burners also come with a 5-litre jerry can which has a special safety connector for the Refueling Nozzle, but this is not required if you purchase the recommended e-NRG bioethanol fuel, as an adapter is also included so that you can screw the fuelling nozzle directly to the 5-litre bottles that are provided. On that front, EcoSmart produces its own bioethanol fuel called e-NRG. This is the purest fuel on the market and it burns bright and long, and most importantly without any smell. The fuel is delivered directly to your door with the delivery included free of charge within the price of the fuel. It is supplied in boxes containing 4 x 5-litre bottles, each of which is made from a thick and safe plastic that is recyclable. The minimum order on fuel is 40-litres.

Depending on your burner, other inclusions also include baffles and restrictor rings for reducing the flame and glass black charcoal toppings.


Our burners have a minimal clearance requirement which gives you the freedom to create the installation you’ve always envisioned.

Quality & Durability

Crafted from high quality, 304 grade stainless steel, designed to deliver robust performance time after time.

No Flue, Chimney or Connection

There’s no need for a chimney to vent harmful gases, as burning liquid e-NRG bioethanol does not produce any smoke. No utility connections required!

Quick and Easy Installation

No flues or connections to utilities means a simple installation process which brings down the construction costs. Saving you time and money.

Environmentally Friendly

Our burners are fuelled by eco-friendly, renewable energy – e-NRG bioethanol. Derived from plants, bioethanol is much better for the planet.

Enduring Flame

Our burners have large fuel capacities which results in great flames, with long burn times.

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EcoSmart AB3 Bioethanol Burner Black


EcoSmart AB3 bioethanol burner in a wooden coffee table


EcoSmart AB3 bioethanol burner in a wooden coffee table


EcoSmart AB3 bioethanol burner in a wooden coffee table


EcoSmart AB3 bioethanol burner in a wooden coffee table


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EcoSmart 800SS


EcoSmart 800SS


EcoSmart 800SS


EcoSmart 800SS


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EcoSmart 800SS

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