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There are many different types of bioethanol fire. We will try to guide you through the different types so that you have an understanding of which ones it is that you like.

ALL bioethanol fires use the same type of liquid bioethanol fuel. This fuel is produced by different manufacturers, and the only real difference is the purity of the alcohol. We only supply the e-NRG fuel as that has the highest purity, and therefore burns longer, with a nicer flame and importantly has no odour. There is always the temptation to buy your fuel from Amazon, or some other online retailer that does not specialise in this area. Quite often, you end up paying for inferior fuel that can often have an odour when burning.

Bioethanol Burners

Bioethanol Burners are the heart of the fire. Every one of our manual bioethanol fires has one of these. They can can be purchased separately and dropped into a stone base, or even furniture that you provide a cut out in. If you look carefully at the image to the right, you will see that the actual burner is sat within a a secondary box. This is what we call a Top Tray. It is there to catch any fuel that you may spill when refuelling the fire. It is a safety precaution.  

The model pictured to the right is the XL700 in black. They are also available in stainless steel and are made out of 304 grade stainless steel for durability when used outside.


Portable Bioethanol Fires

Portable bioethanol fires are exactly as they sound. They can be moved around and placed where ever you like. There are just a couple of caveats to this. The first being that you should NEVER attempt to move a fire that is still alight. In fact, you should not move the fire if it is still warm. Common sense says that moving something which is alight and has a flammable fuel in inside it, is a recipe for disaster. Even moving them when hot can be dangerous. So you should only move them when cold.

The other must is to make sure that they are only used on solid and flat ground so that there is no chance of them falling over. You should also be aware of is above the fire. heat rises, and you don’t want something flammable above the flame.

The model pictured to the right is the STIX. A contemporary portable bioethanol fire. These are still often referred to a fire pit still, despite it’s tall design. This is because the burner is dropped down into the centre of the fire.


Bioethanol Fire Pits

Fire Pits tend to be round, but that is not what makes it a pit so to speak. It is more a case of the fire pit just having the single use of proving a base for the burner. It is therefore there to just provide the flame and ambience. Bioethanol fire pits tend to sit above the ground, but a traditional fire pit that burns solid fuel will often be sunken into the ground. With our fire pits, the fluid concrete in Natural, Graphite or Bone is part of the beauty of the fire and therefore should be shown.

The model pictured to the right is the POD 40 in the Bone colour finish. The glass is an option which can used to stabilise the flame should it be required. 


the Bioethanol Fire Tables

Fire tables as the name suggests means that the unit also functions as a table. These models are typically square or rectangular, and come in various heights from just deep enough to take a burner, to a coffee table, a dinning table and even a bar height unit.

The model pictured to the right is the WHARF in the Natural colour finish. This fire table includes the XL900 burner.


Bioethanol insert Fires

Our insert fires are also commonly known as ‘Hole in the Wall’ fireplaces. They can installed at floor level with a hearth to the front which would make them look more like a traditional fireplace. Alternatively they can be installed higher to give a more modern look to the fireplace. The unit includes the entire firebox which is installed within the wall. It is designed to be a zero clearance installation, so you only have to think about the proximity of a TV of other items above the fire.

The model pictured to the right is the FLEX 50 Single Sided fireplace which includes the XL900 burner.


Manual Bioethanol Fires


EcoSmart AB3 Bioethanol Burner Black


EcoSmart AB3 bioethanol burner in a wooden coffee table


EcoSmart AB3 bioethanol burner in a wooden coffee table


EcoSmart AB3 bioethanol burner in a wooden coffee table


EcoSmart AB3 bioethanol burner in a wooden coffee table


Designer Fires


EcoSmart 800SS


EcoSmart 800SS


EcoSmart 800SS


EcoSmart 800SS


EcoSmart 800SS


EcoSmart R530 Fire Screen
Other Fire Types & Heaters


EcoSmart EL40


Heatscope Vision 3200W


Glamm Fire Exdoxus

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EcoSmart 800SS

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